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The Week Junior is a fantastic current affairs magazine for 8-14 year olds. It's delivered weekly, and is filled with fascinating stories and information, written to engage curious minds.

We have a little extra something on offer right now - our brand new special edition - The Week Junior Science + Nature. This super-size, one-off edition is designed to inspire curiosity, ignite a passion for discovery and stimulate discussion. 

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Jon Snow

I wish The Week Junior had been around when I was a kid — I’d have known so much more about the world in which I was growing up.

Nick Jones

My granddaughter Rosamund dashes in from school on a Friday afternoon, grabs her latest copy of The Week Junior & disappears for the next 3 hours. She loves this magazine!

David Baddiel

The Week Junior is brilliant! All the news, without the boring bits. Or at least with the boring bits made not boring.