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The Week Junior is the must-have magazine to give your child a head start at school… and in life 

Its fun-to-read pages are packed with stories they’ll love – news, nature, science and brain-boosting puzzles. Feed their love of learning with the UK’s best-selling current affairs magazine for kids – it’s like hiring a home tutor for just £2.61 a week!

Get your first 6 issues FREE, saving £21 on the shop price. Plus you'll also get our guide: How To Go Back To School Brilliantly, to help your children get the new school year off to a positive start.

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Get 6 FREE issues + back-to-school guide

Get 6 FREE issues worth £21

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Free How to go Back to School Brilliantly guide

Bring school subjects to life and boost their love of learning

FREE back-to-school guide with every subscription



Written by the nation’s favourite English teacher, Holly King-Mand, ‘How To Go Back To School Brilliantly’ is packed with top tips to help your child get off to a great start this autumn – and go back to school brilliantly.

It will help your children to:

  • Get organised - with tips on homework, timetables and a school bag checklist
  • Boost their wellbeing - with advice on sleep, staying safe and managing worries
  • Prepare for the transition to a new school
  • Learn about friendships - including dealing with bullying and staying safe online


The Week Junior magazine offers 8-14s a unique opportunity to learn about the world around them in an engaging, age-appropriate way, whilst developing a whole range of important skills needed for educational success.



Essential skills for educational success

Cultural Capital
‘Cultural capital’, defined by Ofsted as ‘the essential knowledge that children need to be educated citizens’, is needed for children to succeed at a broad range of studies by the time they reach GCSE level. The Week Junior provides a solid, well-researched and broad offering of cultural capital, ensuring its readers – with the help of their parents – are in the best possible position to become well-educated citizens of the world.

Reading and Literacy 
Even reluctant readers will find The Week Junior’s short, engaging articles digestible and enjoyable and will find themselves reading the whole magazine in a fraction of time they would finish a book; a great confidence boost whilst improving language and communication skills. Using the articles as a start point for discussions and debates at home is also an excellent way of improving children’s oracy – essential for personal and academic expression.

Skills for Learning
Being able to read and understand non-fiction texts is an essential skill for learners, one that will be relied upon throughout their education. Reading quality children’s journalism, such as The Week Junior, gives children an excellent point of reference when being asked to write articles, newspaper articles, leaflets, and instructions – all of which will be expected at some stage of their education.

Curriculum-Linked Content
The Week Junior includes a wide range of topics and features that link to the curriculum, including world geography, STEM, sport, creative industries, climate change, politics and democracy, literature, equality, history, as well as wellbeing support, too. Children will find something useful, interesting, and inspiring in The Week Junior for almost every homework project imaginable.