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Give your child a back-to-school head start

Get kids back into a learning mindset with The Week Junior. It explains the news clearly and safely for 8 to 14 year olds, encouraging them to explore their world and develop their own opinions.

Get your first 6 issues FREE - plus our expert back-to-school guide, written by teacher and ambassador Holly King-Mand.

  • Spark their natural curiosity and send them back to the classroom buzzing with ideas
  • Bring learning to life with news, stories and world events carefully explained for children
  • Encourage them away from screens and fuel fun family discussions and debate

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'The Week Junior is one of the most useful and well-rounded resources for enhancing your child's learning at home.' Holly King-Mand, the nation's favourite English teacher.

After weeks of free time (and screen time), the new school year can come as a bit of a shock! But children who read The Week Junior have a head start, because our magazine keeps them in the reading and learning habit without ever feeling like hard work.

The Week Junior is designed and written by experts to stimulate children’s curiosity in the world around them – every week. With 32 pages packed full of safe, inspiring and fun content, your child will go into the classroom buzzing with ideas on every subject.





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