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Plant a seed of inspiration this spring with The Week Junior.

Now is the ideal time to inspire your child’s natural curiosity with The Week Junior. It explains the news in an unbiased, age-appropriate way — think of it like a weekly ride through our wonderful world. It encourages them to form their own opinions — and when they understand their world more, it boosts their confidence and gets them talking. You’ll enjoy great conversations wherever you are.

We all want to see our children think big, aim high and find their place in the world. So this spring, watch them grow with a subscription to The Week JuniorGet 6 FREE issues worth £21

Plus receive a digital guide to Earth Day, full of practical tips and suggestions to help your child navigate climate change worries in healthy ways.





earth day guide



6 issues free plus 'Take Action on Climate Change' digital download

Take out a free trial worth £21 and we'll also send you our Earth day guide full of practical tips and suggestions to help your child navigate climate change worries in healthy ways.



Jon snow TWJ
Jon Snow

I wish The Week Junior had been around when I was a kid - I’d have known so much more about the world in which I was growing up.

Rosamund TWJ testimonial
Nick Jones

My granddaughter Rosamund dashes in from school on a Friday afternoon, grabs her latest copy of The Week Junior & disappears for the next 3 hours. She loves this magazine!

Baddiel TWJ Testimonial
David Baddiel

The Week Junior is brilliant! All the news, without the boring bits. Or at least with the boring bits made not boring.

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Essential skills for educational success

Cultural Capital
‘Cultural capital’, defined by Ofsted as ‘the essential knowledge that children need to be educated citizens’, is needed for children to succeed at a broad range of studies by the time they reach GCSE level. The Week Junior provides a solid, well-researched and broad offering of cultural capital, ensuring its readers – with the help of their parents – are in the best possible position to become well-educated citizens of the world.

Reading and Literacy 
Even reluctant readers will find The Week Junior’s short, engaging articles digestible and enjoyable and will find themselves reading the whole magazine in a fraction of time they would finish a book; a great confidence boost whilst improving language and communication skills. Using the articles as a start point for discussions and debates at home is also an excellent way of improving children’s oracy – essential for personal and academic expression.

Skills for Learning
Being able to read and understand non-fiction texts is an essential skill for learners, one that will be relied upon throughout their education. Reading quality children’s journalism, such as The Week Junior, gives children an excellent point of reference when being asked to write articles, newspaper articles, leaflets, and instructions – all of which will be expected at some stage of their education.

Curriculum-Linked Content
The Week Junior includes a wide range of topics and features that link to the curriculum, including world geography, STEM, sport, creative industries, climate change, politics and democracy, literature, equality, history, as well as wellbeing support, too. Children will find something useful, interesting, and inspiring in The Week Junior for almost every homework project imaginable.