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The Week Junior is designed and written by experts to carefully explain current affairs, science, sport, the arts, nature and technology to 8 to 14 year olds, encouraging them to explore their world and develop their own opinions.

It explains our wonderful world in a safe, unbiased, age-appropriate way, inspiring kids to talk about what’s happening in the news, and get involved in their planet. 

Every week, our subscribers devour 32 colourful pages full of thought-provoking articles, eye-catching photos, and big ideas—addressed to them and delivered right to their home. Join us today - and get your first 6 issues absolutely FREE.

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What's inside The Week Junior?

TWJ Big News

This Week's Big News - the biggest news stories from around the world.

TWJ home news

National News - a selection of the most important and interesting stories from across the UK.


Discover all the latest incredible Science and Technology news.

TWJ Big Debate

Explore both sides of an issue with The Big Debate, and find out who's making the headlines in the People section.


Encourage a love of our natural world with the Animals and the Environment feature.

TWJ All About

Explore a wide range of topics with the weekly in-depth feature, All About.

Helping you navigate the news, together

Sometimes the news can be difficult to explain to children - and that's where The Week Junior can help. It reports the facts objectively, it never patronises, and is written in an age-appropriate way that helps children to understand, and not feel alarmed or scared.

It helps parents to navigate big, complex issues, such as race, politics, and climate change clearly and calmly, helping to dispel anxiety and confusion with clear, age-appropriate facts and a balanced perspective.

We will continue to cover Covid-19 in the magazine, and we promise to do so carefully, responsibly and in a way that makes sense to our readers. Read more about how The Week Junior is covering Covid-19 here.

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It's fun and inspiring, too!

As well as news, every issue of The Week Junior is packed with inspiring and uplifting stories, people, events and images from around the world.

It covers a huge variety of topics across science, technology, animals, books, history, and geography as well as crafts, games, activities, recipes, ideas for new hobbies - and more.

It's the perfect way to give children a safe and inspiring window to the world - showing them all the amazing and inspiring things that are happening around them everyday. 

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Here are just a few of the kind words our subscribers have sent to us;


You manage to touch on all sorts of complex news stories, even when they are difficult, and yet still keep an optimistic tone. It often sparks conversations at home, or my daughter tells me things she's heard about from around the globe.



You have given us a routine this year, everyone looking forward to the post arriving every Friday. In a year when we rarely left our town – you have given our children the opportunity to escape around the world each week and have explained the news in a calm and sensitive way. You have all done a fantastic job – thank you!



I am a journalist and journalism teacher who buys your magazine for my kids. You make difficult editorial calls & your coverage is consistently thoughtful and strikes the right tone. The magazine has been a real source of stability for my family and many others during a confusing and troubled time.