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The Week Junior is the award-winning, fun-to-read magazine that inspires a love of reading and encourages kids to think for themselves.

Our expert editorial team packs thought-provoking facts and eye-catching images into every page. It empowers children to play a positive part in our world’s future, to succeed in their futures – and to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

We all want to give our children the best start in life. An open, enquiring mind is the best gift you’ll give them in 2024, and beyond.

Get 6 FREE issues worth £21 plus our brand new video guide: Raising Informed and Empowered Kids: How to help your children make sense of the news.


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Get 6 issues free + video

6 issues free

Get your first 6 issues FREE worth £21

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PLUS get our brand new video guide Raising Informed and Empowered Kids


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Free video from Jodie Jackson at News Literacy Lab

Raising Informed and Empowered Kids: How to help your children make sense of the news presents a powerful approach to discussing the news with your kids! Jodie suggests three game-changing steps to empower your children to learn about the world in a way that doesn't leave them feeling scared or anxious, but instead, leaves them feeling informed, hopeful, and empowered.



    The Week Junior is designed and written by experts to get kids to fall in love with reading & learning. It’s packed full of science, nature, animals to discover, role models to meet, amazing places, and ideas for things to make and do.

    It's a brilliant way to:

    • Spark their natural curiosity in the world around them
    • Help them see different viewpoints - and form opinions of their own
    • Boost their confidence as they grow their understanding
    • Get them reading, talking and thinking - and passionate about sharing what they learn!