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The Week Junior is an award-winning current affairs magazine loved by children aged 8-14. Every issue features a 'How To' section filled with fun crafts, recipes, games and more. We’ve compiled some of the best experiments and exciting activities from our previous issues that you can do at home, to help keep your curious young minds exploring, learning and creating. We’d love to see your creations – please email your pictures to hello@theweekjunior.co.uk and you might feature in our magazine!



Stand with Ukraine

Make a peace poster

make a peace poster

Your child can draw a picture or write a message to express how they feel. Then, stick it in your window so other people can see it too.

Write to your MP

write a letter

Members of Parliament (MPs) represent everyone living in their area. If you'd like the UK government to do more to help the people of Ukraine, make sure your MP knows about it by writing them a letter.

C: Rex Shutterstock

Activities for the whole family to try

Make a delicious soup


This Moroccan bean soup recipe is the perfect winter treat.

Write a letter in Braille


Have a go at creating Braille messages using lentils.


Image: Rex Shutterstock

Find an amazing book to read

Girl reading

Check out our reading list – it’s bursting with bookish delights.

Photo: Alamy

Make a lucky waving cat

Waving cat

Have fun celebrating Chinese New Year by creating your very own Maneki Neko cat.

Matchstick Men Masterpiece

Matchstick Men craft

British artist L.S Lowry painted people-filled scenes around Manchester, England. Join Olaf Falafel as he helps you create your very own Lowry with his nifty printing trick.

Weave a colourful turtle

Woven Turtles

We guarantee you'll have lots of fun creating mesmerising patterns using a method of weaving popular in Mexico.

Homemade bowls

Fruit Bowls

Craft a colourful fruit bowl and see how many different designs can you come up with.

Get cooking

Sweet Potato

Our sweet potato and spinach cakes are delicious and simple enough for the whole family to enjoy cooking together.

Shoebox art

Jackson Pollock Art

Be sure to save your shoeboxes and you'll soon be making masterpieces like the famous abstract artist Jackson Pollock.

Create your own rainbow cover


Download The Week Junior's cover, print it out and decorate it however you like.

Make cardboard animals


Use leftover cardboard to decorate your desk at home.

Cheesy clouds


Try this easy-to-make cheesy recipe- the perfect side-dish to any meal.

Create your own marble game


This fantastically fun game will have you hanging off the edge of your seat.

Easy tasty noodles


Make this flavoursome dish for your family and friends. All it requires is fresh vegetables, noodles and a splash of water. Spice it up with chilli or add an egg to make it even better.

Veggie couscous


Couscous couldn't be easier to make, and adding a few tasty fruit and vegetables makes it way more exciting.


Make a den


Have fun making a den inside. We've got some top tips to help you make your den as cosy and cool as possible.

Make story dice


You'll never struggle to think up a story with one of these easy-to-make story dice. Throw and off you go on a magical imaginary adventure...

Create a collage self-portrait


Now's your time to make a self-portrait with pictures and words that sum you up. This is about reflecting your personality, rather than what you look like.

Make no-cook pesto


Have a go at making fresh, tasty pesto. Find out what ingredients actually go into your favourite pasta sauce.

Cook easy scrambled eggs


Make delicious scrambled eggs in seconds. All it takes is whisking the eggs in a bowl and popping them into the microwave.

Dreamy hot chocolate

hit chocolate

Warm up when you're feeling chilly with dreamy hot chocolate. There's a secret ingredient in this exciting recipe from Enid Blyton: Jolly Good Food.

Start circuit training


Perfect your fitness routine with some circuit training. Use this guide to find out why stretching is key to exercise and much more.

Become a spy


It's time to dress up in disguise, dust for fingerprints and create coded messages. Here's your guide to becoming a top detective.

Draw an acromantula


Try your hand at drawing the giant spider from Harry Potter with step-by-step instructions from legendary illustrator Levi Pinfold.

Build bottle skittles


See who can get the first single strike with this easy-to-create game.

Tomato garlic toast


Chop tomatoes and garlic, toast bread and drizzle with a little olive oil to make this super simple snack for a delicious taste of summer.

Make a harmonica


Build yourself a brilliant harmonica with a few everyday objects, and start playing some of your favourite tunes.

The Week Junior Podcast


The Week Junior Show takes you behind the scenes of the features from your magazine. Each week, Bex from Fun Kids is joined by members of The Week Junior team to discuss a range of topics, including: 

  • Their favourite stories
  • The week's hot topics
  • Whether the 'Real or Rubbish?' report is fake news or the real deal.

It's completely free to listen and all of our previous episodes are available for hours of entertainment.




Tasty dhal


Try your hand at cooking this traditional Indian lentil-based dish. Add coriander and lime to jazz it up and serve to hungry family members. We promise they'll enjoy it.

Make a fancy fried egg


If you want to make a delicious cheese, tomato and basil fried egg, go to The Week Junior's How to page.

Greek-style salad


Tuck into a tasty Greek-style salad and you'll be transported to feta-tastic dreamland.

Soda Bread


Soda bread is the perfect addition to any meal. Enjoy with boiled eggs for breakfast or dip it in your soup at tea.

Draw Harry Potter's Patronus


Learn how to draw Harry Potter's Patronus with step-by-step instructions from Harry Potter illustrator Levi Pinfold.

Create a magical world


Children's Laureate Cressida Cowell has some handy tips on how you can create your own magical world.

Learn how to tell a story


Discover how to wow your friends with amazing tales with our how to tell a story guide.

Indoor workout

indoor workout

Stay active in your home with this simple and fun circuit.

Indoor workout 2


Another simple workout for you to do indoors, get all the family involved!

Write letters to care homes


Help lift the spirits of people in care homes at a time when they cannot have visitors and may feel isolated.  

Donate to food banks

food bank

Food banks give food and other household goods to people who are finding it hard to buy enough for themselves.

Home workout

Home workout

Another fun workout for you to do at home including crab walks and skaters.

Know someone that loves science and nature?

Check out The Week Junior Science+Nature's FREE content hub and help them brinJSNg the world of science, technology, engineering and maths to life - even while they're at home! There are lots of exciting activities to ignite curiosities and mind-blowing ideas to keep children exploring.

  • Learn how to make a model lung
  • Join us on a mission into space and discover the secrets of the Sun
  • Turn an acorn into a mighty oak tree
  • Make a thermometer