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How The Week Junior is covering Covid-19

The Week Junior’s mission is to help children make sense of the world by explaining news and current affairs clearly and sensitively. That mission is more important now than ever. "The Covid-19 outbreak is by far the most serious event that we have covered," says the magazine's Editor-in-chief, Anna Bassi,  "and we take our responsibility very seriously.” 

“The editorial team is committed to providing readers with the information that they require, along with the reassurance that they need at this uncertain time. To ensure that we give our readers what they need, the team follow five simple rules:


  1. We ask the questions that our readers will ask – and find the answers to them.
  2. We focus on the known facts, check them carefully and avoid speculation.
  3. We consider what level of detail our readers really require – we don’t dumb things down but we never dwell on anything too distressing.
  4. We provide reassurance by reporting on positive action – the people who are helping, the acts of kindness, gratitude for the bravery of others.
  5. We make sure that the magazine provides a balanced and inspiring mix of stories, ideas and information – Covid-19 may be dominating our lives at the moment, but it’s critical to ensure children have other things to think about too.



We’ll continue to cover Covid-19 in the magazine, and we promise to do so carefully, responsibly and in a way that will make sense to our young readers. We will endeavour to keep our readers up to date with the measures being taken to limit the spread of the virus. However, we have taken a decision to avoid dwelling on escalating infections and death tolls – we know these numbers are likely to rise for some time. Instead, while we will continue to chart the course and impact of the pandemic, our stories will continue to focus on the incredible efforts being made by scientists, medical staff, essential workers and members of the public to care for those who are ill and to provide kindness, help and protection to all. 


We are trying to support parents too. We’ve set up an activity hub with plenty of projects to keep kids busy and we have created a webpage for children that answers their questions about coronavirus. We thank you for trusting us to do this and hope that our magazine is helping them to stay positive during this difficult time."

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