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Don't just take our word for it

The Week Junior is loved by readers, trusted by teachers and secretly read by parents. Here's just a selection of their kind words...

What our readers think


I've really enjoyed reading my first copy of The Week Junior. We have a news quiz at school and I was able to answer all the questions correctly as I was full of facts after reading your magazine!


I think last week's Week Junior was amazing. All of the stories were fascinating. The pictures were brilliant! I can't wait until next week. I bet it is going to be amazing again.


I like The Week Junior because it's nice to get something in the post for you each week that tells you about what's happening in the world at the moment.


Just emailing to say how much I'm loving your magazine and hope for it to continue for many years to come. I was particularly moved by the story of Henry Worsley. He deserved a mention for what he went through. Thank you very much for posting me a magnificent magazine every Friday.


I really enjoy The Week Junior as it is full of interesting facts! It really helps me do my homework as I have just moved up to year 7. Don’t stop writing The Week Junior!


I found it so exciting and interesting. When I first got given the magazine, I thought Wow! It is so bold and colourful, it really catches your eye and makes you desperately want to read it.


I think the magazine was a brilliant mix of funny and serious articles that I very much enjoyed.

What our parents think


I have been a keen reader of the Week for a while and was delighted when the Week Junior started up. My 11 year old devours it from cover to cover - it is interesting and informative but also makes it a joy to learn. Thank you!


Jack has read every issue of The Week Junior from cover to cover, and he loves to tell his friends all about it.


Having read the issue which came with my own edition of The Week this Friday, I am thinking that I would like to be able to read it myself every week. It is fantastic! Packed with fascinating topics, well written and informative and great fun!


My son Sam, aged 9, started receiving your magazine this Christmas as a present from his grandpa, and he has been enjoying it ENORMOUSLY ever since. Sam falls on the post every Friday asking if it has arrived, then devours it, pausing only to read out articles that he finds funny that he wants to share (quite a lot of them!), and to insist we take part in the poll. We think you’ve got it just right in terms of the type of stories you cover, a great balance of good news, technology, culture and science which is just right for his age group. Having a poll that means Sam is interacting with a story and learning to debate different sides of issues is a great idea. If all adult news publications had similar levels of positive and interesting news stories, we’d all be much happier! Well done The Week Junior- we LOVE your work!

What teachers say

David Tomlinson, Barrow Hill Junior School

A bright, brilliant, reliable, resource - just the sort of quality read you want for young minds

Chantal Lyons, Trinity St Mary's CofE

My Year 5 class absolutely love reading The Week Junior and it always generates lots of discussion

Mr Maddren, Parnwell Primary

The Week Junior is a great resource for keeping children abreast of current affairs and supports reading within school.

Mrs James, St Mary and St Andrews Catholic Primary School

Just a quick note to congratulate you on your fantastic magazine. My year 6 class love reading it and get excited every time our bursar brings in the pack containing the latest edition! Some of my boys really dislike reading, yet they enjoy working their way through the articles in The Week Junior. Anything that promotes children's love of reading and is highly educational at the same time is a sure winner. Keep up the great work!