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Spring is a season of fresh beginnings – the ideal time to inspire your child’s natural curiosity with The Week Junior magazine. It explains the news for 8-14 year olds in a calm, unbiased and age-appropriate way, helping them to understand their world and what’s happening around them in a way that’s safe and manageable.

We all want to see our children think big, aim high and change the world for the better. So this spring, give them a head start in life and watch them grow with a subscription to The Week Junior. You'll get your first 6 issues absolutely FREE - saving £19.50 on the shop price.

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Spring into action with 6 free issues

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Get your first 6 issues free - saving £19.50 on the shop price

Give your child a safe source of inspiring and engaging reading every week

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Boost their understanding - and their confidence

When your child understands their world more, it boosts their confidence and gets them talking. Those conversations are vital for helping to encourage them to express themselves, explore their own opinions and develop critical thinking skills. Skills that will help them not only at school but in their lives ahead.

Every page is written and designed by our experts to spark their natural curiosity, and encourage them to explore further. The world needs big ideas - and The Week Junior can empower your children to make a difference. It starts with sparking a love of reading, learning - and wanting to know more.

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